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15 June – deadline for full paper submission

Book of abstracts

You can find the published book of abstracts here.


The conference is planned to be organized combined: online and at Faculty or ogranizational sciences, University of Belgrade.

Please check the details about the E businees technologies sessions schedule and place.

Conference proceedings

All accepted full papers will be published in the online conference proceedings. All abstracts of the accepted papers will be published in the printed book of abstracts.

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Book of abstracts

On the following link, you may find the Book of abstracts containing abstracts of papers presented at the EBT Conference.

Pink News reportage about stress monitoring

Pink News television crew filmed the demonstration of the IoT devices and talked about stress monitoring and ongoing research with prof. dr Aleksandra Labus, prof. dr Branka Rodić and Tamara Naumović. View full reportage below.

Radio interview: Stress monitoring

Previously prof. dr Aleksandra Labus spoke about the use of IoT technologies in stress monitoring. During a radio interview Professor explained how stress tolerance can be increased trough the use of these technologies. Listen at the whole interview on the link: https://www.rts.rs/page/radio/sr/story/23/radio-beograd-1/4400977/medicinski-turizam-u-srbiji.html

EBT Conference in media: Pink

Prof. dr Aleksandra Labus talked to Pink News about the EBT Conference.More on her interview can be seen in the video below.

EBT Conference in media: Tanjug

Serbian news agency Tanjug published an interview with prof. dr Zorica Bogdanović. Professor told Tanjug that e-business technology includes digital transformation, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart environment, smart cities, smart health, and that the conference will discuss how technologies use and change the way we do business, live and work. You can read more on

EBT Conference in media: RTS

Radio Television of Serbia was reporting about the E-business Technologies Conference.Prof dr. Aleksandra Labus was talking about e-business, cloud, IoT and blockchain technologies as main subjects of the conference, inviting everyone to participate in free online sessions and workshops.

First EBT conference

We look forward to welcoming you to the first EBT conference! The conference is planned to be organized combined: online and at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade.


Azure Synapse Analytics is Microsoft flagship product for analytics in Azure. In this workshop you will get to know the basics of Synapse, from exploring the data lake with direct SQL queries, creating integration solution, to building SQL layer over the data lake and serving the data for reporting purposes.

Detailed conference program

Detailed EBT conference program has been published!

Key note lecture – prof. Miodrag Mihaljević

“On Advanced Techniques for Blockchain Technology and Some Applications”Further deployment of blockchain technology requires advances in techniques which provide efficiency and security of blockchain based systems. A particular challenge is development blockchain consensus protocols which provide reduction of the energy required in comparison with the traditional Proof-of-Work approach, and at the same time provide the