Digital twin as a driver of digitalization of organizations' activities and creation of digital models


  • Anna Krasnova Krasnova A.S.
  • Mikhail Kolbanev
  • Tatyana Astakhova
  • Anna Romanova


simulation model, mathematical model, digital twins, digital transformation, breakthrough technologies, digitalization of activity


This article discusses the positive and negative aspects of the transition of organizations to digitalization of activities, as well as the problems encountered on the way of organizations in the digital transformation of activities and the use of digital twins. The main national programs of the Russian Federation for the development of new breakthrough technologies are described. A simulation model of the operation of a multiple access system with synchronous-time access to the on-air data transmission medium is presented to justify the correct operation of the metamathematical model, which was designed using the AnyLogic software product.




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Krasnova, A., Kolbanev, M. ., Astakhova, T. ., & Romanova, A. . (2022). Digital twin as a driver of digitalization of organizations’ activities and creation of digital models. E-Business Technologies Conference Proceedings, 2(1), 65–69. Retrieved from