Designing an LMS-ePortfolio Integration and Implementation Model in E-Business Education


  • Teklehaimanot Embaye Dept. E-business, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade


Learning Management System, ePortfolio, E-Business, E-Education, Personal Learning Environment, LMS


Although Learning Management System (LMS) remains the most useful application for delivering online learning, the overall learning experience can be complemented and enhanced by integrating LMS with a learner-centered personalized learning and reflection environment better known as ePortfolio. This paper presents a comprehensive model for a successful integration and implementation of LMS and ePortfolio systems in an e-business education setting. Three integration strategies namely data-data, API-API, and Integration with Tools and three implementation models namely course level, department level and institution level have been identified. ePortfolio as an assessment tool is briefly discussed. This paper is validated in a lab environment in the department of E-Business, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, where one experimental system is installed with Moodle LMS and another with Mahara ePortfolio application. The systems were integrated in three different ways. Based on the review done on variety of related studies and practical experiences, the authors have recommended the API-API integration strategy and to start implementation of ePortfolio at course level and progress towards institutional implementation for institutions new to ePortfolio systems. This paper has contributed to the existing literature by developing an LMS-ePortofolio integration and implementation design model for e-business education. 




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