Project Based Learning in Vocational Studies


  • Miloš Mijić Academy of Applied Studies Šabac
  • Branko Ćebić Academy of Applied Studies Western Serbia


project-based learning, higher education, computer graphics and multimedia, raster object processing


The paper will give an example of project learning in the subject Computer Graphics and Multimedia, which is performed in the study program Business Informatics and Programming, in basic vocational studies. The aim of the course is to understand the role of computer graphics and multimedia in modern business and communication and to master the basic techniques of creating graphic and multimedia content. For the needs of the proposed project learning, students should first get acquainted with the theoretical foundations of creating raster documents: techniques of processing raster objects (tool palette, layering, selection, transformation, coloring, lighting, filters, actions, text input and editing…), creating content for the Web, preparing for printing and publishing. The proposed example will be implemented through the following phases: selection of the topic - defining the problem to be worked on, project preparation and work plan development, project flow, presentation of project results and evaluation. The focus is on recording, analyzing and processing images on a given topic. It is expected that it will give an example of project learning that can be implemented in primary vocational education as a method for educating students in Computer Graphics and Multimedia, that students will achieve better exam results and that this method of work will be gladly accepted by students.




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Project-based learning and e-learning