NFC enabled Wi-Fi managging system for ESP32 based IoT system


  • Nikola Mitrovic PhD Student
  • Milan Đorđević
  • Sandra Veljković
  • Danijel Danković


Internet of Things, Wi-Fi, ESP32, NFC


This paper presents system that manages Wi-Fi credentials for ESP32 based IoT system. Managing system is based on NFC technology. Paper offers a solution for the problem of frequent changing of Wi-Fi credentials when an IoT system is moved from place to place and needs to connect to different access points. NFC technology is chosen as a medium because it is widely accessible in modern smartphones, and also offers low-cost solutions. Data containing SSID name and password of access point that IoT system should establish connection to are written into NFC tag using smartphone. Using designed system, that data is transferred to ESP32. Speed and form of that data transfer is analyzed. In systems where speed is not of dominant interest, described system can deliver appropriate results.




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Mitrovic, N., Đorđević, M. ., Veljković, S. ., & Danković, D. . (2022). NFC enabled Wi-Fi managging system for ESP32 based IoT system . E-Business Technologies Conference Proceedings, 2(1), 57–60. Retrieved from