Dairy farming. Prospects for digitalization


  • Татьяна Кирилова Княгинино


dairy cattle breeding, digitalization, efficiency, prospects, productivity


In conditions of geopolitical instability and uncertainty, the state bodies, whose powers include coordinating the development of the dairy cattle industry and the agro- industrial complex as a whole, bear an increased level of responsibility in terms of reducing barriers to the development of production and sale of milk and dairy products. Acute competition in the market forces milk producers entering foreign markets to apply new methods and technologies for the production and promotion of their products. In this regard, the industry needs a new generation of development programs aimed at: the use of big data and the introduction of information technologies, improving forecasting methods, improving systems and methods of management, which is a strategically important task not only in the context of the socio-economic well-being of the Russian Federation, but also as a condition for preserving sovereignty against the backdrop of globalization and implementation of digital development programs by other participants of the world the market. At the moment, the primary task in dairy cattle breeding is to solve the problem of increasing the economic efficiency of milk production and sale by agricultural organizations.




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