Do we need e-Business management or not? A Critical Literature Review


  • Yüksel Akay ÜNVAN
  • Ahmet Şükrü PAMPAL


E-Business Management, COVID-19, Systematic Review


Due to technological developments and Covid-19 pandemic, highly competitive business environment was established. İt becomes more important for organizations to know their customers and partners. During Covid-19 pandemic all potential customers of companies stayed at home. This circumstances bring up how adaptation of electronic business technologies are essential for firms. Setting up new high technologies creates new concept e-business management. This concept proves that if companies cannot manage the adaptation process systematically, it will be waste of resources and time for that company. As a result, most of the organizations produce researches and contribute to the literature to adapt to e-business technologies. The main purpose of this article is to review existed e-business management literature and to make critical examination of research based on the last five year




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